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Visual Communication
3D Design & Animation


     sto·ry | noun 
   A narrative designed

 to interest, amuse,
or instruct

Tell the perfect

Whatever story, product, or idea you're
trying to sell, you want your audience to connect with it the way you do.

And that’s where JGK Studio
comes in, with expertise in:

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Visual Communication
3D Design & Modeling
3D Previz & Animation

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Architectural Visualization

Concept Design & Visualization
End-to-end Design Production

Conveying your message, and
doing it effectively, is the key.

If you establish an emotional connection
your target audience through your visual communication, your message will stand out, 
capture their attention, and be memorable.

And they will follow you!

With over twenty-five years in visual communication, design and animation, I work closely with each client to help them connect with their target audience by honing their communication strategy, creating compelling narratives, and designing clear 
and effective messaging.

Jason G. Kramer, Owner

Here are a few of the clients I've had
the joy and honor of working with

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Tell the story you want to tell!

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07597 994215

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